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re·​wild·​ing |  \ (ˈ)rē-¦wī(-ə)l-diŋ noun
The process of returning to a natural state. 
 Our mission is to reconnect humans with the wild and natural abilities we all have within us. This connection is reclaimed by exploring rewilding concepts to bring the mind and body back to optimal health. 

Because the world is a better place when we understand what and how we connect to nature.

Wild Movement Collective provides the tools, knowledge and opportunities to experience what it is to feel wholly alive. 

We're a small team of wellness experts who believe in cultivating healthy lifestyles aligned with our evolutionary origins.
We offer these solutions through group workshops, 1-1 coaching, online learning, community classes and retreats- from absolute beginners to professionals.  
When you get the pieces right, you can move with freedom, sharpen your mind, manage stress and reclaim the exuberance you had when you were truly free in your mind and body. 

Time to wake up your wild. 

"Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein
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