The Wild Movement Collective's philosophy is rooted in evolutionary science. Understanding what the human organism thrives off is key to making sustainable changes towards our health and wellbeing.


Part of the human success story is our incredible adaptability to changing environments. From sub-arctic conditions to dense rainforests, we've learnt to be useful, resilient, and resourceful. However, in striving to make our lives easier we have unintentionally created a mismatch between our evolutionary design and our current lifestyle. Unfortunately, this has now led to a myriad of lifestyle diseases that can be managed if we can find ways to connect the dots between our current lifestyles and our primal needs. At Wild Movement Collective, this is our craft.

Within our coaching structure of classes, workshops, one-to-one coaching and retreats, we offer an educational framework that will not only delivers an engaging physical experience but a functional and holistic approach to wellness. We provide the tools to reclaim your right to moving, feeling, and living better.

Our intention is to collaborate with the most passionate and forward-thinking small businesses that all share the same intention; to offer insights and tools as to how to live a life closer to nature.