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wild one,

I'm glad you've found me. Now we can start to unravel the grace and wild athleticism that lies within you.


Let's explore your wild side. The side that helps keeps you burning bright, that connects you to self, to community and to nature. 

If you know there is fire in you, but you don't know how to access it, you've come to the right place. 

Time to get your hands in the earth.  


Nala Hurst

About me 

With an expansive background in movement and performing arts, I began my movement practice over 20 years ago, initially falling in love with movement that allowed me to enter a meditative state. What felt great in the physical form, became the gateway for a deeper emotive practice.


My practice started to fade when a lifestyle change shifted everything. Throughout my twenties I delved into one lifestyle extreme to another; from cocktail waitressing and lock-ins until 5am, to coaching 6am clients in an underground gym, it threw me into a tailspin. I was left feeling depressed, lethargic and with no joy towards movement. 


After a mid-twenties burnout, I took some time out and travelled to Africa and Asia. It was only when I started to experience other cultures rich in movement and nature, did I have a lightbulb moment. The joy I experienced growing up came predominantly from two things; exploring and being in nature-rich environments and having a movement practice that demanded purpose and skill. It was the combination of these elements that made me come alive.


This is exactly what I was seeing in front of me, fit and healthy humans well into their seventies, moving with an exuberance and grace that I struggled to see in the western world. 


When I started to study evolutionary biology, I finally understood the pieces that were missing in health were fundamentally down to the mismatch of our bodies not in tune with the environment. When these elements combine, there is a feeling of feeling completely alive and connected. 


It is this that has driven me on my quest to delve deeper, learning from some of the world’s leaders in evolutionary biology, movement and nutrition. But what's been more important than this, has been the chance to fully embody these practices in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.


Now it’s my offering to give these lessons to you.